March 07, 2010
They say when you need something to just get done, then ask a busy person to help. For many years (ahem… decades), Suzy Soto has taken on challenge after challenge and is a real mover and a shaker in the Cayman Islands.

CHF has a wonderful board of Directors that I need to give the credit too!!!! Dr. Yin and Dr. Cridland have done wonders with the Health4youth, the Symposium, the womens luncheon and the Fair as well as help from Dr. Senthil Kumar and KevinDoyle and the treasurer who keeps everything straight, Karen Bodden. Then we had all the volunteers like Charmaine Moss etc.. etc. so it is a lot of people!

Suzy is a rolemodel for women, personally and professionally. She is a rolemodel of mine! And I am proud to call her my friend. 🙂

Powerhouse Suzy Soto and her daughter Barrie Quappe

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