March 15, 2010
Supporting the Arts….
My auction item (family portrait session) was sold for CI$1,500.00 !!
To maximize money to National Gallery…. I agreed to do three sessions, to bring bid total to CI$4,500.00
I’m so proud that local residents with such great taste and esteem place a high value on my photography.
Every year, this event is highly anticipated. The garden tour is spectacular and Ariane Dart is a most gracious host and supporter of the National Gallery.
Only a few photos have captions…. but the elegance of the afternoon is evident in the photos and really need no description.

photo credit: Elke Feuer (because I am in the photo….)
left to right: Ariane’s friend Ashleigh, Natalie Coleman (Director of National Gallery), Ariane Dart, Melissa Wolfe (ME) and Ashleigh Lund.

Ariane Dart, host for the event and Natalie Coleman, Director of the National Gallery
Nisha is not just gorgeous, but one of the funniest and best auctioneers I’ve witnessed. And a good friend of mine too…
All the guests arrived, welcomed by Ariane and Natalie, and then took the tour of the garden.

photo credit: Elke Feuer (because I am a Lily girl too)
Owner of The Cabana, Leslie Bergstrom (third from left), brought all her guests adorned with the latest line from Lily Pulitzer.
The gardens could have kept my attention all day… but there were funds to be raised and fun to be had. these are just a few quick snips before heading in for some champers.

Catering by Icoa was exceptional and they had all the lovely details sorted.
ahhhhh… afternoon tea.