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October 26, 2016

Breast Cancer Gala Dinner 2016 photographed by Melissa Wolfe

As October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, comes to an end I would like to share the images of the Breast Cancer Gala Dinner 2016. It’s just a little reminder, we need to fight breast cancer all year around and raise awareness for early detection.

For all images from the Gala please click here!

For images from the Step & Repeat by Dennie Warren Jr. of Better Angle Photography click here!


breast cancer gala dinner 2016 cynthia nixon at breast cancer gala dinner 2016 in Cayman

June 07, 2016

Breast Cancer Survivor Portraits by Melissa Wolfe

For many years my team and I have been supporting the local Breast Cancer Foundation by donating our time to photograph their fundraising events. Beyond that I also put a family portrait session into the live auction. This year the session was auctioned by a underwater photographer Ellen Cuylaerts and filmmaker husband Michael Maes.

Shortly after the Fundraising Gala, Ellen and Michael approached me that they would like to donate the session to local breast cancer survivors. We invited Ellen, Michael and  breast cancer survivors Aimee, Jenny, Sharon and their families to our home for an afternoon of fun and photos.

The 2016 Breast Cancer Gala Dinner is scheduled for the 1st of October.

breast cancer survivor portraits melissa-wolfe-photography-0040 melissa-wolfe-photography-0001 melissa-wolfe-photography-0007 melissa-wolfe-photography-0009 melissa-wolfe-photography-0034