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May 06, 2016

Mother’s Day portraits by Melissa Wolfe

After my first ‘Mother’s Day‘ post last year, asking every mum out there to come out of hiding (behind the camera) I have to admit that I have still not taken our family portraits. Not sure I have a great excuse being a photographer and knowing a few talented ones in Cayman …

In the last year I have been honoured to photograph some amazing mothers and grandmothers from Cayman and the world around.

Mother's Day in Cayman mother's day portrait

June 21, 2015

As a family… I doubt we take as many candid photos as most people do.  With cell phones, candid has become a whole new storytelling culture that combines silly, performance and sparks creativity.  These are a few of the rare ones of my husband David, the perfect husband for me and awesome father to his children.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandpas, Granddaddies, who are such a wonderful part of our lives.

As a dog owner and dog lover, I felt so honoured to be asked to photograph Andrea and her loyal friend Monte. She has a very special bond with the beautiful golden Labrador:

“Monte was given to me after Hurricane Ivan. I never had a dog before and he turned out to be the most amazing dog.  He taught me how to be a dog owner.  He has all the best qualities of a Labrador Retriever and could easily have been a service dog with his intelligence and calm demeanour.  He turned 10 this year and is starting to fade unfortunately.  I thought I was going to lose him in and around the time these photos were taken.  With some good medication and lots of patience, he is hanging in there.   We will treasure these photos forever!”


March 08, 2010
Half Moon Bay is an amazing place to stay, having butlers and maids take care of all the cooking and cleaning (while we hit the spa, golf course or went rafting)…. ahhh…. can’t wait to get back!

My husband David on the course. We played in the mini-tournament with Sandy Urquhart, Sidney Coleman, Simon and Candy Wicker, Simon and Babs Barwick, Cameron Graham, and many others…. What a blast

The Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon Bay is where Natalie and I spend a GREAT deal of our time. The private relaxation room is spectacular and the couple’s massage with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries are a must!
Rafing down the Martha Brae with great friends Searlina and Simon
January 10, 2010

Well… what a busy Christmas season with professional photography, now comes my busy season as non-profit pubicist and spokesperson. I do spend time donating photography services, but I also gain contract work as a consultant in the non-proft sector. I feel like that constant connection to creativity and social life keeps me sharp when it comes to dealing with photos at any event, large or small. Plus it makes me feel good about contributing to the greater good. Sleeping good at night. Good Karma. All that.