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As a dog owner and dog lover, I felt so honoured to be asked to photograph Andrea and her loyal friend Monte. She has a very special bond with the beautiful golden Labrador:

“Monte was given to me after Hurricane Ivan. I never had a dog before and he turned out to be the most amazing dog.  He taught me how to be a dog owner.  He has all the best qualities of a Labrador Retriever and could easily have been a service dog with his intelligence and calm demeanour.  He turned 10 this year and is starting to fade unfortunately.  I thought I was going to lose him in and around the time these photos were taken.  With some good medication and lots of patience, he is hanging in there.   We will treasure these photos forever!”


April 09, 2013

JJ has six more weeks to go….  six more weeks until life shifts and a new love, focus and purpose is introduced.  The family grows!

JJ is the lead photographer for Better Angle Photography.  She is also about to become a MOM!!

She and Nick were married last August and honeymooned right afterwards in Africa.  We suspect that is when the magic happened.  Interestingly enough….  Nick’s twin sister was also married last summer and is sharing preggo time with JJ, but she is not due until July.  Cousins born only months apart… very cool.  I have to give both JJ and Nick the big “high five” for getting the family started so swiftly.  Then again, they are both focused professionals and I would not of expected anything less!

David and I met JJ through RE/MAX (Cayman Islands) Ltd, where she worked in Marketing and for many years helped develop the Breast Cancer Gala, a project that we all love and support so much.  When we found out that she was passionate about photography, we all became passionate about building a company together.

I was trying to think of some advice for new parents….. and I came across one of my favourite cards that I had framed….

It reads, “Children are always the only future the human race has; teach them well”

Head over to my Facebook page for more photos from the shoot!

October 27, 2012

Marissa and I laughed pretty hard during our portrait shoot at sunrise. Marissa has lost 87 pounds in the past 22 months and her friend Angie bought her the photo session as a birthday present. I have yet to meet Angie, but I am working on that for sure in November ….

Anyways, Marissa and I talked about our kids and how great they are and how sometimes they don’t listen to us. I kept trying to get her to pose when a person would walk by … then she would laugh hard and then I would get the best expression. In the chair we had a bit of an audience with maintenance staff. They were the only other people around and the hotel was a big, clean, fresh studio.

The we did the powerful pants photo and the audience and interest grew. When we wrapped, we went inside and all the staff swarmed Marissa like a celebrity asking all kinds of questions about what she is doing and how she did it.

Clean whole foods, nothing canned or in a box and lots of cardio 4-5 days a week. I’m sure there is much, much more ….

I’ve cut down considerably the Kraft Dinner and cans of baked beans …. AND I’ve started walking the beach.

Marissa wrote me this lovely note:

“Hi! Love the photos … they are my favourites too! It’s great and so are the photos and I am honoured to have your name at the bottom of my picture …. how very, very cool!”