September 10, 2015

Power of the Purse – Erin Brockovich visits Cayman for the Cayman Crisis Centre

I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate with some of Cayman’s top ‘make it happen’ professionals.  They joined forces with the incomparable Erin Brockovich to send the message that domestic violence must stop.

Erin Brockovich visits Cayman to speak at the ‘Power of the Purse’ fundraiser held by the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. She in an US-American environmental activist best know for her part in the a in building a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of California in 1993. The case was been portrayed in a Hollywood movie ‘Erin Brockovich’ with Julia Roberts in the main character.

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre is a Non Government charitable organisation that provides services and programmes focusing on domestic and sexual abuse through the provision of safe temporary shelter for women and their children, community education and assistance to all victims of abuse. The Centre operates a 24hour help line: 943 – CICC (2422).

The luncheon was a sell-out event with meaningful and direct addresses to the supporters by Cayman Island’s Governor, HE Helen Kilpatrick, Hon. Minister of Gender Affairs, Tara Rivers; Chairman of CICC, Len Layman; Host company Scotiabank’s Sloan Muldoon; Sponsor Ernst & Young’s Dan Scott.  Brilliant event coordination by a couple of friends of mine….  Jennifer O’Leary of ScotiaBank and Denise Gower of Fountainhead Cayman.

Amazing collaboration.  Brilliant work.  I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

btw… first photo is me with Erin… she looked at me and said, “come on, let’s do something fun”.  and we agreed that a big thumbs up for event, charity and their efforts was fitting.  photo credit goes to my friend Claire Kluyver for the shot of Erin and I.  many thanks for that.

Erin Brockovich with Photographer Melissa Wolfe

Cayman Crisis Centre - Power of the Purse Event Cayman Crisis Center Event - Melissa Wolfe Photography Erin Brockovich visits Cayman Erin Brockovich visits Cayman - Melissa Wolfe Photography