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July 31, 2017

Kimpton Seafire Family Portrait Session by Melissa Wolfe

I am so thrilled to share by first Kimpton Seafire Family Portrait Session today. We started the session in the beautifully decorated hotel lobby before heading outside. The grounds at the Kimpton have some fun elements we got to play on. Those white seats are incredibly comfortable.

Next we hit the beach for some further portraits. The little girl was so much fun to work with .. we were best buddies by the last shutter.

Cayman Islands Family Portrait Photographer Kimpton Seafire Family Portrait Session Kimpton Seafire Family Portrait Session

July 31, 2017

Grand Cayman Family Portrait Photography by Melissa Wolfe

Grand Cayman Family Portrait Photography: Julin hired me to mark the occasion of her daughter Suyeong’s 2nd birthday. The family celebrated the occasion with a family vacation to Grand Cayman. They rented a stunning villa on the shores South Sound where we did the family photo session.

The session was so much fun. The kids even tried a coconut fresh of the tree which one of the guys climbed a coconut tree for. Chef Lloyd Brown fired up the BBQ and served some delicious island inspired food and some particular cute cupcakes.

Happy Birthday, Suyeong!

Grand Cayman Family Portrait Photography by Melissa Wolfe Grand Cayman Family Portrait Photography by Melissa Wolfe

December 25, 2016

Cayman Family Beach Portrait by Melissa Wolfe

I love photographing multi-generational family sessions like this Cayman Family Beach Portrait Session of three generations. The family was enjoying a family vacation and wanted to capture the event. It was a beautiful session during ‘The Golden Hour’.

Cayman Family Beach Portrait Cayman Family Beach Portrait

October 04, 2016

Seasonal Family Portrait Session with Melissa Wolfe

Christmas is around the corner! A time where families are getting together celebrating love and friendship. It is the time of the year to book your Seasonal Family Portrait to capture those moments for eternity.

Contact me on in order to book your session.

seasonal family portrait melissa-wolfe-photography_0007 melissa-wolfe-photography_0004 melissa-wolfe-photography_0003 melissa-wolfe-photography_0001 melissa-wolfe-photography_0002 melissa-wolfe-photography_0006

September 02, 2016

Cayman Family Photo Session by Melissa Wolfe Photography

Ali, her husband and her their four teenage daughters spend a summer holiday on the Cayman shores. We met up for their Cayman Family Photo Session by their vacation home.

I really enjoyed working with four girls – true beauties inside and out.

062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-1 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-9 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-16 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-19 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-47 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-93 cayman family photo session cayman family photo session 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-111 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-131 062116-melissa-wolfe-photography-166 cayman family photo session

June 07, 2016

Breast Cancer Survivor Portraits by Melissa Wolfe

For many years my team and I have been supporting the local Breast Cancer Foundation by donating our time to photograph their fundraising events. Beyond that I also put a family portrait session into the live auction. This year the session was auctioned by a underwater photographer Ellen Cuylaerts and filmmaker husband Michael Maes.

Shortly after the Fundraising Gala, Ellen and Michael approached me that they would like to donate the session to local breast cancer survivors. We invited Ellen, Michael and  breast cancer survivors Aimee, Jenny, Sharon and their families to our home for an afternoon of fun and photos.

The 2016 Breast Cancer Gala Dinner is scheduled for the 1st of October.

breast cancer survivor portraits melissa-wolfe-photography-0040 melissa-wolfe-photography-0001 melissa-wolfe-photography-0007 melissa-wolfe-photography-0009 melissa-wolfe-photography-0034

May 31, 2016

Backyard Family Portraits by Melissa Wolfe

You may recognise this beautiful family from my recent Mother’s Day post. We schedule their family portrait session in their very own backyard.

small-0018 small-0020 backyard family portraits small-0044 small-0056 backyard family portraits small-0063 small-0070 small-0075 small-0087 small-0110 small-0118 Cayman Family Portraits by Melissa Wolfe small-0154

May 12, 2016

Seven Mile Beach Family Session with Melissa Wolfe

Sue and her family regularly visit the Cayman Islands. I had the pleasure to photograph their little family for the second time. This year’s Seven Mile Beach Family Session also included the grandparents. The kids had a blast frolic on the beach during our session.

family-portraits-1 family-portraits-9 family-portraits-13 Seven Mile Beach Family Session seven mile beach family session Seven Mile Beach Family Session

May 06, 2016

Mother’s Day portraits by Melissa Wolfe

After my first ‘Mother’s Day‘ post last year, asking every mum out there to come out of hiding (behind the camera) I have to admit that I have still not taken our family portraits. Not sure I have a great excuse being a photographer and knowing a few talented ones in Cayman …

In the last year I have been honoured to photograph some amazing mothers and grandmothers from Cayman and the world around.

Mother's Day in Cayman mother's day portrait

December 11, 2015

Showcasing the recent Cayman Parent Magazine Covers


Officially launched in February 2015, Cayman Parent Magazine delivers relevant news and reviews in a vibrant and fun way to the parents of the Cayman Islands.

I am proud to have been part of the magazine from the very beginning shooting the first cover featuring Her Excellency The Governor Helen Kilpatrick.

The magazine was founded by “Mompreneurs” Heather Cassidy, of SeaGrape Media Ltd. who wanted accurate information at their fingertips. Questions to fellow parents often yielded general answers, but specific information relevant to parents in Cayman is often passed along by word of mouth, as if we were members of a secret club. Cayman Parent is a place where you can find all the information you need delivered in one trusted place that is accurate, timely and relevant.

Please follow the links below for all issues:

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4

Cayman Parent Magazine melissawolfephotography1