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November 24, 2016

One of the sweetest part of each wedding must be the Cayman wedding cakes. Over the years as a wedding photographer, I have seen the most remarkable creations. Creations made out of flour, sugar and eggs and a lot of creativity by Cayman’s best bakers and chefs.

I love the personal touches many wedding couples add to their cakes. Below are some stunning wedding cakes from floral, nautical to dramatic.

cayman wedding cakesmelissa-wolfe-photography0001cayman wedding cakesmelissa-wolfe-photography0006melissa-wolfe-photography0005melissa-wolfe-photography0002


Cayman Wedding Flowers photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Today’s inspiration board is about Cayman wedding flowers. Tropical flower arrangement are a favourites amongst our destination brides. It could be simple white or very colourful arrangement. More and more we see brides bringing their own DIY flower arrangements to Cayman. There is a beautiful shell arrangement below.

cayman-wedding-flowers melissa-wolfe-photography_002 melissa-wolfe-photography_003 melissa-wolfe-photography_004 melissa-wolfe-photography_005 cayman-wedding-flowers melissa-wolfe-photography_007 melissa-wolfe-photography_008 melissa-wolfe-photography_009 melissa-wolfe-photography_010 melissa-wolfe-photography_011 cayman-wedding-flowers melissa-wolfe-photography_013

Inspiration Board for Caribbean Wedding Dresses by Melissa Wolfe

Choosing the right Caribbean Wedding Dress for your Cayman Islands Destination wedding can be a fun experience but also may have some challenges. Below are some gorgeous wedding dresses from recent Cayman Islands Weddings … airy, elegant, playful and lace .. everything beautiful!

cayman-wedding-dresses cayman-wedding-dresses cayman-wedding-dresses