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November 01, 2017

Intimate Wedding Luxury Caribbean Resort photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Jane and Paul celebrated their vows with an Intimate Wedding Luxury Caribbean Resort in Grand Cayman. The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman was the perfect venue for these two – classic and elegant, just like the couple themselves.

It was a beautiful evening with a slight breeze perfect for their romantic exchange of vows. Rather than a traditional cake, the couple choose cupcakes as a wedding cake.

After the ceremony we spent some time on the beach capturing more images as the sun set over the Caribbean Sea. It made for a beautiful sunset.

Intimate Wedding Luxury Caribbean Resort photographed by Melissa Wolfe Intimate Wedding Luxury Caribbean Resort photographed by Melissa Wolfe

July 31, 2017

Ritz Grand Cayman Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Amanda and Justin celebrated their love with a Ritz Grand Cayman Wedding and I had the honour of photographing it. The intimate ceremony took place at the beautiful Great Lawn of the property. The perfect location for a very private wedding celebration.

After the ceremony we ventured to the beach for some gorgeous wedding portraits, before the sun was setting over the Caribbean Sea. The love and connection between Amanda and Justin is a beautiful thing and it was fun capturing it on camera.

Congratulations to you both and I am wishing you a bright future together.

colourful Caribbean wedding bouquet Ritz Grand Cayman Wedding cayman wedding ceremony Ritz Grand Cayman Wedding cayman beach wedding photographer melissa wolfe

July 31, 2017

Westin Grand Cayman Beach Resort Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

I had the enormous pleasure to photograph Laura & Constanzo’s Westin Grand Cayman Beach Resort Wedding earlier this year. They are an amazing couple! I asked Laura to share their story and Cayman wedding experience.
Laura and Costanzo met through mutual friends who are siblings. Laura was friends with the girl and Costanzo was friends with the guy. She explains: “Costanzo came into my restaurant to eat one day and I thought he was attractive- so I asked my girlfriend if he was single and she said “no- I think he is in a relationship”. Apparently he felt the same about me so he asked her brother the same and got the same response. So we both thought nothing of it and moved on. Years later…we randomly bumped in to each other but he described our first meeting and remembered every detail. We exchanged numbers and went on our first date.”
She continues: “We always agreed that if and when we ever got married it would be a destination wedding. We chose Grand Cayman because we wanted something different than all of the “typical” locations people choose like Dominican, Cuba or Mexico. This would be a day and trip we remember for a lifetime so it had to be super special. My parents cousins have lived in Grand Cayman for about 10 years now- so my mom reached out to her cousin for a some details and we instantly fell in love with every thing we saw/heard. Once we arrived on the island, we were instantly reassured that we made the perfect choice. Everything was perfect- from the hotel, to the beach, food, people etc. It is literally the BEST place on earth!”
“Working with Melissa was a wonderful experience from the get go.” Laura explains: “I felt like I knew Melissa before I had even met her. She is a Toronto native so we had that connection as well. The day of the wedding she was such a pleasure to work with, very accommodating, lovely to all of my guests (I had so many people complimenting her). Above all- my mom LOVED Melissa (and she is always the toughest critic lol). She truly captured every special moment for us to hold on to and cherish for a lifetime!”
Hotel wedding planner: Breanne Garner
Rentals: Massive
Cake/cupcakes: The Cake Studio
Hair and Make up: Stephanie Ford Make Up
Violinist: Kate Allenger
Officiant: Rev Myers

Westin Grand Cayman Beach Resort Wedding Cayman custom wedding signs wedding ring inspiration Westin Grand Cayman Beach Resort Wedding

July 10, 2017

A Luxury Wedding Business Summit – Engage17 – photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Earlier this month, I was honoured to partner for the fifth time…. with Rebecca Grinnals , Kathryn Arce, Department of Tourism and the Kimpton-Seafire…  to document Engage17 with a dream team of international and local photographers.  The four days was an exciting and inspiring way to end my season this year.  As I reflect on the days I remember plenty of laughter, color, creativity, thoughtful conversations and very VERY moving video productions.  Cooperation from all parties to make sure the whole experience was a raving success.
It was a great time collaborating with creative industry leaders such as Jennifer Dominick, Rebecca Davidson, Janet Jarchow and so many more…. CHECK OUT THE FULL GALLERY….
engage17 by melissa wolfe photography engage17 by melissa wolfe photography
February 27, 2017

Cruise Ship Wedding Grand Cayman photographed by Melissa Wolfe

A family & friends cruise ship wedding Grand Cayman …  a bright way to celebrate and fun to be the photographer for the morning and afternoon.  The couple, friends and family wake up to the view of George Town, Cayman Islands…. and an exciting day ahead.

The Grand Old House debuted in 1908 as the Petra Plantation.  With the love and care of various owners, the Grand Cayman landmark has kept it’s charm and has become one of the Island’s most popular choices for a wedding venue.  Located South of George Town, a short ride from cruise ship tendering ports, the Grand Old House has the space and view for any size party… day or night.

The ladies made themselves comfortable in the Bridal room, getting ready in a cool and private space with bubbles and giggles.  Meanwhile, the groom and guys hung out in the very air conditioned Wine Room waited patiently for the ceremony to begin.

With the Caribbean Sea as the background, the music and processional begins.


  wedding ceremony at Grand Old House, Grand Cayman cruise ship wedding grand cayman cruise ship wedding grand cayman


February 07, 2017

Rum Point Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Adam and Laura left the winter behind in Calgary, Canada to celebrate their Caribbean destination wedding in Grand Cayman. They decided on a beautiful Rum Point Wedding right by the water. 

The couple originally met while they were both students at University of Toronto. They had the same lifeguarding shift at the varsity pool, and spent most of the time on deck talking about all of the things they had in common, mostly their love for the outdoors and for the water.

Laura is no stranger to the Cayman Islands. She tells us: “My parents moved to Grand Cayman when I was 5 years old. Growing up on the island is a big part of what makes me who I am today. We wanted to share the wonders of Grand Cayman with close family and friends. We also wanted to get married barefoot with our feet in the sand, so Rum Point fit the bill perfectly.”

Laura continues: “Melissa used her photography expertise to capture photos with gorgeous backgrounds and framing. She really was able to capture the feel of the day. She was just like one of the family, and even helped me zip up my dress (crisis averted!). She was really flexible, and when we wanted to do a “first look” at Pedro St. James, she made it happen. It was a fantastic day and she really made us all feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

venue: Rum Point, Grand Cayman
wedding planner: Elina from Kaibo Restaurant

Tropical wedding bouquet photographed by Melissa Wolfe Cayman Islands Bride by Melissa Wolfe First Look at Pedro St. James, Cayman Islands by Melissa Wolfe Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Wedding by Melissa Wolfe Rum Point Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe Rum Point Wedding Grand Cayman Tropical Wedding Decor photographed by Melissa Wolfe, Grand Cayman

December 27, 2016

Grand Cayman Caribbean Club Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

I am delighted to share this gorgeous Grand Cayman Caribbean Club Wedding. Heidi and her handsome groom celebrated their Cayman wedding amongst their children. Uniting two families with a ceremony right on Seven Mile Beach.

wedding planner: Celebrations Ltd.
venue: Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman
flowers: Celebrations Ltd.

060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0002 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0023 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0028 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0039 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0044 grand cayman caribbean club wedding 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0050 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0059 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0063 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0072 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0085 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0104 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0106 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0109 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0113
060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0157 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0177 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0183 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0209
grand cayman caribbean club wedding




December 23, 2016

Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman by Melissa Wolfe

Shannon and Willie celebrated their Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman in style. From Shannon’s gorgeous wedding dress to the beachy wedding ceremony set up and the elaborate reception setting.

Shannon got ready for the ceremony upstairs at Kaibo Restaurant while Willie arrived leisurely with the wedding guests by boat. After the ceremony bride and groom celebrated with a lavish dinner on the beach and danced the night away under the stars.

“Thank you again for being the best photographer ever! We had so much fun with you!” Shannon + Willie

event coordinator: Elina of Kaibo Restaurant
venue: Kaibo Beach Restaurant, Beach Bar & Marina


Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman


December 06, 2016

Seven Mile Beach Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

In a very private ceremony Elizabeth and George celebrated their Seven Mile Beach wedding. They enrolled the help of local wedding experts Celebrations. The Celebrations team set up a wedding gazebo on the shores of Seven Mile Beach outside the Plantana Condos. They constructed a vintage inspired dinning table with fairly lights for the reception. Maybe the most wonderful setting for a dinner by the sea!

venue: Plantana Condos
wedding planner & decor: Celebrations Ltd.

061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-11 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-46 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-52 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-86 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-129 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-154 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-159 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-161 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-192 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-198 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-204 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-219 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-231 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-318 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-321 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-351 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-374 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-394 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-397 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-404 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-407 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-410 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-430 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-438 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-450 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-463

November 18, 2016

Grand Cayman Westin Wedding by Melissa Wolfe

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to photograph Alyson’s sophisticated Grand Cayman Westin wedding. Her was especially taken by her beautifully elegant wedding dress. Just stunning!

It was a gorgeous Caribbean day, full of sunshine and love.

052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0508grand cayman westin wedding by melissa wolfe052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0381052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0635052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0691052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0079052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0101052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0065052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0740grand cayman westin wedding 052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0847052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0871052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0001052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0147b052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0038052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0263052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0351052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0943052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-1058grand cayman westin wedding

venue: Westin Grand Cayman
wedding planer: Celebrations Ltd.
hair + make up: Jackie Sorano