February 27, 2017

Cruise Ship Wedding Grand Cayman photographed by Melissa Wolfe

A family & friends cruise ship wedding Grand Cayman …  a bright way to celebrate and fun to be the photographer for the morning and afternoon.  The couple, friends and family wake up to the view of George Town, Cayman Islands…. and an exciting day ahead.

The Grand Old House debuted in 1908 as the Petra Plantation.  With the love and care of various owners, the Grand Cayman landmark has kept it’s charm and has become one of the Island’s most popular choices for a wedding venue.  Located South of George Town, a short ride from cruise ship tendering ports, the Grand Old House has the space and view for any size party… day or night.

The ladies made themselves comfortable in the Bridal room, getting ready in a cool and private space with bubbles and giggles.  Meanwhile, the groom and guys hung out in the very air conditioned Wine Room waited patiently for the ceremony to begin.

With the Caribbean Sea as the background, the music and processional begins.


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