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December 27, 2016

Grand Cayman Caribbean Club Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

I am delighted to share this gorgeous Grand Cayman Caribbean Club Wedding. Heidi and her handsome groom celebrated their Cayman wedding amongst their children. Uniting two families with a ceremony right on Seven Mile Beach.

wedding planner: Celebrations Ltd.
venue: Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman
flowers: Celebrations Ltd.

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grand cayman caribbean club wedding




December 06, 2016

Seven Mile Beach Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

In a very private ceremony Elizabeth and George celebrated their Seven Mile Beach wedding. They enrolled the help of local wedding experts Celebrations. The Celebrations team set up a wedding gazebo on the shores of Seven Mile Beach outside the Plantana Condos. They constructed a vintage inspired dinning table with fairly lights for the reception. Maybe the most wonderful setting for a dinner by the sea!

venue: Plantana Condos
wedding planner & decor: Celebrations Ltd.

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May 26, 2016

Cayman Ritz Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Marilena and Feras celebrated their wedding on the Great Lawn of the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. The couple originally met through mutual friends and first travelled to the Cayman Islands when they got engaged. They fell in love with the island and knew they have found their perfect wedding location.

The wedding ceremony as on the Great Lawn but Marilena and Feras loved their images on the beach best.

melissa-wolfe-photograhy-007 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-020 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-032 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-036 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-049 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-088 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-098 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-110 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-113 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-133 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-160 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-207 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-213 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-215 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-219 (1) Cayman Ritz Wedding melissa-wolfe-photograhy-226 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-229 (1) Cayman Ritz Wedding melissa-wolfe-photograhy-232 (1) melissa-wolfe-photograhy-267 (1)

Wedding Westin Grand Cayman by Melissa Wolfe

Thi and Mike celebrated their love with a wedding  Westin Grand Cayman.

We asked Thi tell us a little bit about her engagement and her Cayman Destination Wedding:

After a year of dating, Mike had secretly asked for my mum’s permission for my hand in marriage during our Christmas visit. Both our families knew and kept the secret from me for months. Having known that traveling to Paris was a dream of mine, we finally planned and booked a trip there. Everything I could ever have dreamed of happened in Paris! During our dinner, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, Mike led me outside on the balcony and dropped down on one knee and proposed! It was beautiful, magical and surreal.

I have always wanted to get married on the beach. With our perfect proposal in Paris, we wanted to find the place for our dream wedding to occur. After researching different island, Cayman offered the perfect combination of location, convenience and spectacular sunsets! We fell in love with the Westin and Seven Mile Beach and the rest is history!

Planning a destination wedding can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. However, Melissa was professional, organised and put any of our concerns to rest. She understood the venue, lighting and timing to capture our special moments.

We loved every moment of our wedding and we can’t thank Melissa enough! For years to come, we can re-live and celebrate our special day through our photographs!


melissa-wolfe-photography-004 melissa-wolfe-photography-001melissa-wolfe-photography-002melissa-wolfe-photography-003melissa-wolfe-photography-005 melissa-wolfe-photography-006 melissa-wolfe-photography-007 melissa-wolfe-photography-008 melissa-wolfe-photography-009 Wedding Westin Grand Cayman melissa-wolfe-photography-011 Cayman Islands Beach Wedding melissa-wolfe-photography-013 melissa-wolfe-photography-014 Wedding Westin Grand CaymanWedding Westin Grand Cayman melissa-wolfe-photography-019melissa-wolfe-photography-017

Gudrun and William met in 2002 at Vanderbilt University where both attended college.  They were friends for a couple of years and started dating officially in 2004.

After graduation their careers took them to different locations across the US – Gudrun went off to Boston then Los Angeles then to New Orleans while William found himself in Louisville then Austin, TX and then Milwaukee.  Wanting to give their relationship a real chance they both moved to Chicago.

Ten years after they started dating at college they got engaged in 2014 after a weekend away at a beautiful resort in Geneva, IL.  Their daughter Sunna Wu was born in January 2015.

For their wedding they eloped to the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Gudrun says: “We choose Grand Cayman for our wedding because we both vacationed there as children and have been returning together for the past 3 years.  We visit Grand Cayman once every year and plan to do so for many years into the future.  It holds a special place in our hearts as it is where we decided to start trying for a baby and discussed for the first time getting married.”


venue: Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman