December 27, 2016

Grand Cayman Caribbean Club Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

I am delighted to share this gorgeous Grand Cayman Caribbean Club Wedding. Heidi and her handsome groom celebrated their Cayman wedding amongst their children. Uniting two families with a ceremony right on Seven Mile Beach.

wedding planner: Celebrations Ltd.
venue: Caribbean Club, Grand Cayman
flowers: Celebrations Ltd.

060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0002 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0023 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0028 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0039 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0044 grand cayman caribbean club wedding 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0050 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0059 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0063 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0072 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0085 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0104 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0106 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0109 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0113
060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0157 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0177 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0183 060916_melissa-wolfe-photography_0209
grand cayman caribbean club wedding




December 25, 2016

Cayman Family Beach Portrait by Melissa Wolfe

I love photographing multi-generational family sessions like this Cayman Family Beach Portrait Session of three generations. The family was enjoying a family vacation and wanted to capture the event. It was a beautiful session during ‘The Golden Hour’.

Cayman Family Beach Portrait Cayman Family Beach Portrait

December 23, 2016

Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman by Melissa Wolfe

Shannon and Willie celebrated their Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman in style. From Shannon’s gorgeous wedding dress to the beachy wedding ceremony set up and the elaborate reception setting.

Shannon got ready for the ceremony upstairs at Kaibo Restaurant while Willie arrived leisurely with the wedding guests by boat. After the ceremony bride and groom celebrated with a lavish dinner on the beach and danced the night away under the stars.

“Thank you again for being the best photographer ever! We had so much fun with you!” Shannon + Willie

event coordinator: Elina of Kaibo Restaurant
venue: Kaibo Beach Restaurant, Beach Bar & Marina


Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman Kaibo Beach Wedding Grand Cayman


December 22, 2016

Young Caymanian Leadership Award 2016

It was an honor again to be part of the Young Caymanian Leadership Award 2016. The awards night was the first event at the new opened Kimpton Seafire Resort here on Grand Cayman. It was a wonderful setting lavish transformed by Celebrations Ltd.

Brianna Wilkerson was the recipient of this years Young Caymanian Leadership Award their 16-Year Anniversary event.  Brianna has already hit the ground running, speaking at her first engagement only 36 hours after receiving the prestigious YCLA Recipient title for 2016.

The Young Caymanian Leadership Awards programme aims to recognise and honour role models for the youth of Cayman. Each year, the recipient commits a significant amount of time and energy to speaking with and encouraging Cayman’s young people to make the right choices in life and achieve their full potential.

To view all images from the event and purchase your copy, please follow this link.


Young Caymanian Leadership Award 2016

December 06, 2016

Seven Mile Beach Wedding photographed by Melissa Wolfe

In a very private ceremony Elizabeth and George celebrated their Seven Mile Beach wedding. They enrolled the help of local wedding experts Celebrations. The Celebrations team set up a wedding gazebo on the shores of Seven Mile Beach outside the Plantana Condos. They constructed a vintage inspired dinning table with fairly lights for the reception. Maybe the most wonderful setting for a dinner by the sea!

venue: Plantana Condos
wedding planner & decor: Celebrations Ltd.

061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-11 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-46 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-52 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-86 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-129 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-154 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-159 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-161 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-192 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-198 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-204 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-219 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-231 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-318 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-321 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-351 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-374 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-394 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-397 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-404 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-407 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-410 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-430 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-438 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-450 061716-melissa-wolfe-photography-463

November 24, 2016

One of the sweetest part of each wedding must be the Cayman wedding cakes. Over the years as a wedding photographer, I have seen the most remarkable creations. Creations made out of flour, sugar and eggs and a lot of creativity by Cayman’s best bakers and chefs.

I love the personal touches many wedding couples add to their cakes. Below are some stunning wedding cakes from floral, nautical to dramatic.

cayman wedding cakesmelissa-wolfe-photography0001cayman wedding cakesmelissa-wolfe-photography0006melissa-wolfe-photography0005melissa-wolfe-photography0002


November 18, 2016

Grand Cayman Westin Wedding by Melissa Wolfe

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to photograph Alyson’s sophisticated Grand Cayman Westin wedding. Her was especially taken by her beautifully elegant wedding dress. Just stunning!

It was a gorgeous Caribbean day, full of sunshine and love.

052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0508grand cayman westin wedding by melissa wolfe052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0381052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0635052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0691052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0079052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0101052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0065052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0740grand cayman westin wedding 052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0847052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0871052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0001052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0147b052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0038052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0263052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0351052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-0943052816_melissa-wolfe-photography-1058grand cayman westin wedding

venue: Westin Grand Cayman
wedding planer: Celebrations Ltd.
hair + make up: Jackie Sorano

October 26, 2016

Breast Cancer Gala Dinner 2016 photographed by Melissa Wolfe

As October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, comes to an end I would like to share the images of the Breast Cancer Gala Dinner 2016. It’s just a little reminder, we need to fight breast cancer all year around and raise awareness for early detection.

For all images from the Gala please click here!

For images from the Step & Repeat by Dennie Warren Jr. of Better Angle Photography click here!


breast cancer gala dinner 2016 cynthia nixon at breast cancer gala dinner 2016 in Cayman

October 06, 2016

Intimate Cayman wedding at the Westin, Grand Cayman photographed by Melissa Wolfe

Jonathan married his beautiful bride Carina on the shores of the 7 Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. The intimate Cayman wedding at the Westin took place as the sun was setting over the blue waters.

Carina is originally from Brazil and was escorted down the aisle by her mother. Her sister also attended the wedding.

I am in love with Carina’s stunning wedding dress in a pale blue and that gorgeous bouquet.






Intimate Cayman Wedding at the Westin









intimate Cayman wedding at the Westin



October 04, 2016

Seasonal Family Portrait Session with Melissa Wolfe

Christmas is around the corner! A time where families are getting together celebrating love and friendship. It is the time of the year to book your Seasonal Family Portrait to capture those moments for eternity.

Contact me on in order to book your session.

seasonal family portrait melissa-wolfe-photography_0007 melissa-wolfe-photography_0004 melissa-wolfe-photography_0003 melissa-wolfe-photography_0001 melissa-wolfe-photography_0002 melissa-wolfe-photography_0006