June 02, 2015

Tavarus and Pilar met in Tampa via mutual friends. The proposal was magnificent… He swept her away to Sedona to a resort called ‘Enchantment’, supposedly on a “work trip”….  Coincidentally, I was at the same Sedona resort months before and can vouch for the deep energy that the canyons and red rock surrounding Enchantment possess.  Ideal place for love and commitment.

The trip had absolutely nothing to do with work but become the most magical proposal with a bride that had absolutely no idea. As Pilar can tell you much better in her own words:

“I asked what our plans were for tomorrow and he said that the company arranged for a trip to the Grand Canyon. The next morning we arrive at the airport, and there is a private plane waiting for us to fly us to the Grand Canyon.  The trip and scenery was amazing during our flight, we got a mini tour by the pilot..It was breathe taking. On the ground we walked around looking at many landmarks and then we decided to stand on the highest point at The Grand Canyon..called Guano Point..everyone was taking pictures so we waited until the bulk of people were off the rock so we could take some pictures alone. Before I climbed up the rock, I found a family and asked if they could take some photos of us while on this rock. Tavarus then also asked if they would video tape it for us. They said of course. So, I climbed up first on the rock and as I turned around to help Tavarus up, he was on his knees and I heard music playing from his iPod..it was the Band Of Monsters And Men, song From Finner. Still having no clue what was going on..I said to him “What are you doing on your knees, stand up”.. He looked at me and I saw him reach in his pocket and he pulled out the ring..I covered my month and just started weeping in happiness and said YES of course and everyone around was clapping and cherring for us and we hugged and embraced each other for the longest while. It was just the most amazing moment other than exchanging our vows, that I had ever experience. So with all that..he proposed at The Grand Canyon and  it was never a company trip..He planned the entire weekend all himself.”

Their wedding day was as magnificent by the blue waters of Grand Cayman. Pilar looked incredibly stunning in her gown next to an equally handsome Tavarus as they danced the night away under the Caribbean stars.

Location: Sunset Bay, Grand Cayman

Wedding Planner: Juliette Heath, Five Star Events

Wedding Designer: Ann Ogden, Uniquely Annz

Hair & Make up: Crispin Estalilla, George Carvalho International Beauty Salon & Spa

Wedding Gown: Jessica Fama – Stylist with the Collection Bridal in Florida

Catering: Mise en Place